EVENTS | Walking meditation at Urambi | First Friday Walks

Walking meditation along Tuggeranong Creek, Urambi © Martin Drury

Last Friday afternoon, our founder Tracey led a guided mediation walk along Tuggeranong Creek at Urambi. The group was encouraged to walk in silence after a grounding exercise and led to a creek crossing shaded by Casuarinas. Once everyone arrived, they were invited to spend some time in creative contemplation. Here is some documentation.

Listening to the land: CBR First Friday Walks
In this walk, the theme is deep listening and connecting to place. Acknowledging the turn of the year towards cooler climes, Tracey will lead a walking meditation / creative activity to open up our sensitivity to the land and its energies.

Background about the project
CBR First Friday Walks is a year long project led by Urambi Hills artist in residence and Treecreate founder, Tracey M Benson. The theme connects to the international program with walking artists in Europe and the US – First Friday Walks (FFW):

Each CBR First Friday Walk there will be a different theme to the walk. Some months there will be a guest walker collaborating with Tracey to create content for a larger exhibition / presentation in 2022. You can check out the booking for the March walk on Eventbrite

Track / path
To give an idea of our path, here is an All Trails recording of the test run from a couple of weeks ago.

Creek walk at Urambi - All Trails
Creek walk at Urambi – All Trails

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