Tree grounding meditation

Yellow Box Elder at Ginninderry Conservation Corridor © Martin Drury

This simple guided meditation is a great way to connect to place, feel grounded and aligned with nature. We use this meditation in our Treecreative workshops and it is suitable for all ages. We also offer this grounding meditation as part of in-person and virtual workshops.

Getting ready
Imagine yourself as a tree.

If it is comfortable, stand with feet planted on the ground. 

If you are outside, you can take off your shoes to feel more connected with the earth. You can also sit or lie down for this grounding meditation.

Imagine your back as a trunk and that you have long roots that grow from the bottom of your feet, deep into the Earth.

Take a moment to scan your body, noticing any areas of tension. You may wish to gently realign your body so you are in a relaxed position.

Firstly we will take a deep breath in though the nose, feeling our lungs expand.

Then let it all out with a big exhale, imagining all the energy you were hanging on to is flowing out of your body, down through your roots, and into the Earth.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, focusing on the sound of your breath and the bodily sensations of breathing.

Stay with it. Use your breathing to focus you and help you slow down your body’s internal activity.

You are standing in an open field with the sun shining down upon you. You are tall, strong, and solid. You are old and wise.

Bring awareness to your feet and first notice them in contact with the ground. Now feel them firmly anchored to the ground.

Now imagine strong roots extending from the bottoms of your feet, pushing downward through the surface below, eventually reaching into the soil below.

Feel your roots reaching even deeper into the earth, winding around rocks, and pushing deep through the many layers of cool, dark earth. Your roots grow and spread both downward and outward.

Feel yourself anchored very solidly to the ground by your extensive root system.

As you become more anchored, feel your tree-body, your trunk, straight and strong. Feel your leafy branches extend upward toward the warm sun.

Letting go of stress
As you are breathing, imagine with each exhale, that you are pushing any tension or stress down toward your feet and out through your roots into the surrounding soil.

Feel tension draining from your eyes, your jaw, your shoulders, your chest, your belly, and all areas of your body.

Notice how is receptive the Earth is and how the ground absorbs what you want to release. Feel grateful and lighter as you begin to “clear”.

Breathing in feelings of wellbeing
When you feel properly grounded, take a deep breath and reverse the process.

You will now absorb healing and calming energy from the Earth.

As you breathe in through your nose, imagine with each breath that your roots are absorbing healing white light.

Feel the rich nutrients of the Earth gently feeding your root system until it reaches the trunk of your body. Feel the light entering your legs, your stomach, your chest, your arms, hands and finally your head.

Be aware of this sense of oneness with the earth.

Feel this grounded, earthly energy fill your body, washing over you with feelings of wellbeing.

Feel the sun shining down on your tree-body, and know that with each ray of sunshine, you have the ability to create your own energy.

Take a moment to step back from yourself and look at the tree. See how you are one with the earth, and one with the sky – solid, steady and expansive.

You are able to both sway with the breeze and be connected and grounded.

When you are ready, gently come back to the here and now, carrying the grounded energy of the tree with you through the rest of the day.

Walking meditation along Tuggeranong Creek, Urambi © Martin Drury
Walking meditation along Tuggeranong Creek, Urambi © Martin Drury

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