PlantLab 22 Whangarei

For the past week, Tracey has been in Aotearoa NZ to particpate as an artist-in-residence in PlantLab 22 in Whangarei and to share a new project at Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) Symposium in Whakatu Nelson.

PlantLab is is a fab pop up innovation lab in the Stand Arcade in downtown Whangarei. The space has been reenergised by Maggie Buxton and the team and all kinds of intersting plant related things hare happening.

Treecreate and Tracey will be beaming in from Yarun over the next few weeks and we will share our updates as Tracey loops into the project from the Treecreate studio.

As part of the in-person part of the residency, Tracey was encouraged to venture to AHReed Park, a beautiful place with some remant Kauri forest. Here is some of her documentation.

More to come soon 🙂

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