Checking in at Holt Microforest

Jennifer, Marty and Tracey

Yesterday we dropped in on our previous community at Holt in the ACT to see how their Mircoforest project has evolved. Tyronne Bell an Ngunawal Elder shared with us some local knowledge and gave the Microforest its Ngunawal name. We had some involvement in the early days of the project so it was fantastic to see how much has happened since we moved and how one spark of an idea is now a beautiful place in the Holt Community ❤

It was really nice to see this post on the Holt Microforest Facebook Page with some very kind words from Jennifer Bardsley the Holt Microforest lead:

“It was really lovely to see Tracey and Martin yesterday at the Ngunawal Community Connection event. These two have been fantastic supporters from the very beginning, however they moved to QLD last year so hadn’t been able to visit the Micro-Forest until yesterday.

You may recognise Tracey from our crowd funding video taken in May last year. Tracey also wrote up our grant submission for the successful Nature in the City grant which enabled us to deliver the project. Martin designed our Holt Micro-Forest logo. Tracey’s Treecreate providing the insurance we needed for the Bunnings BBQ fundraisers. Tracey still helps behind the scenes with assistance managing the financial aspects of the project.

Thank you so much Tracey and Martin for all your help and support. It was wonderful to catch up – looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

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