WELLBEING | Nara Peace Park

Last week, Tracey and Marty headed to Canberra’s Nara Peace Park for some tree time after a big week.

Located close to the Yarralumla Yacht Club and across the lake from the National Museum of Australia, Canberra Nara Peace Park is located within Lennox Gardens on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. The park has a small Japanese themed garden with some iconic cherry blossom trees amongst the Casuarinas along the lake. It also features two large stone lanterns – a large Kasuga lantern, and a large Yukimi lantern.

The park was officially renamed to Canberra Nara Peace Park in 2010 with the occasion being recognised by the commissioning of a new art work by the Japanese sculptor Shinki Kato – a
8 metre-high pagoda, made of pre-rusted steel plates, a reference to Nara’s famous pagoda, erected in 725 by the Empress Komyoh.

The gardens were a gift from the people of Nara to the people of Canberra and celebrate the sister city link between Canberra, Australia’s modern capital, and Nara, Japan’s ancient capital. Design and construction was carried out by local designers and contractors who consulted closely with the city of Nara and the Embassy of Japan. The park was designed to create the feel of a traditional Japanese garden within the surrounds of a Canberra public park. A distinctive feature of Canberra Nara Peace Park is its “borrowed landscape” or the extension of the park’s boundaries to encompass landmarks such as Lake Burley Griffin, Black Mountain, Mount Ainslie and Lotus Bay.

It was a wonderful afternoon, a chance to breathe, take some time to meditate and enjoy one of the many beautiful parks Canberra has to offer. The team have decided that tree time will be a regular activity in the calendar ❤

Do you need some tree time?

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