Fundraising for Weaving Water @Yarun

We have set up a fundraising campaign with the Australian Cultural Fund.

Here is the link:


All donations are tax deductible and our campaign is open for 6 months to allow to us to evolve our partnerships along the way.

Don’t forget to submit your EoI if you would like to register early!


Expression of Interest | Residency @ Yarun

Weaving Water @ Yarun explores the concepts of water, relational ways of being and connectivity. It is an in-person and virtual residency program scheduled between 27 November and 8 December 2023 on Yarun (Bribie Island), Queensland Australia.

Weaving Water @ Yarun will bring together scientists, knowledge holders, technologists and creatives to work collaboratively, with a focus on linking diverse knowledges to co-create across disciplines and meditate on the themes of ecological restoration, water and the more-than-human.

Concept development funding provided by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) through Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Launch of Treecreate Studio

We officially launched the Treecreate Studio yesterday evening!

It was truly a community event, with the jarjums from Pumicestone Indigenous Employment and Education Council (PIEEC) doing a smoking ceremony and song for the group. We also had the amazing Michelle Watson, Chair of PIEEC as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening and some wonderful words from community Elder Aunty Flo Watson.

Local artist and educator, Ange Venardos, the founder and coordinator of the Artists of Bribie Bribie Arts Trail collective gave a beautiful talk about the importance of arts and connection.

We also had Rebecca Thompson, local artist and leadership and empowerment coach share a song with everyone. The song “Om Gaia” resonated beautifully with the group and our values at Treecreate.

Thank you to my gorgeous cousin Angela and her husband Darren for looking after the refreshments, making sure everyone had something to eat and drink ❤

A big thanks to the Bribie Island Hotel for the lucky door prizes and the Banksia Beach Fruit and Veggie shop for the fruit platter.

What a wonderful coming together of community!! Our hearts are full and we look forward to the Treecreate Studio being a place of connection, creativity and community ❤

Register your interest in Treecreative workshops

Treecreate Studio will be hosting workshops in 2023. Register your interest to help up shape the workshop program.

Wild and Windy at Ginninderry

Another walkshop at Ginninderry Conservation Corridor.

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

In between the walks at the Cork Oak forest with Localjinni, it was great to facilitate another Treecreative walkshop at Ginninderry Conservation Corridor.

One of the Shinrin Yoku artists Nicole Voevodin-Cash came along with her billy cans which was a lot of fun. At the end of the walk some of us had some beautiful billy can drawings, or as Nicole describes them – our ultimate selfies!

What was also wonderful was how everyone engaged with my favourite tree – a White Box Elder overlooking the valley and the mighty Murrumbidgee – which was in full flow ❤

Here are some images from the walk.

Big thanks to Nicole for sharing some of her pictures and a massive thank you to Rachel for being our conservation guide and to Ange for your support. Much appreciate to the Ginninderry Conservation Trust for supporting these walkshops ❤

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Shinrin Yoku @ Canberra Arts Biennale

Night walking in the Cork Oak Forest at the CBR Arboretum

Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

It was a lot of fun to spend time in Canberra last weekend as part of the night walking / projection project Shinrin Yoku in the Cork Oak forest at the National Arboretum.

Fiona Hooton (Localjinni) facilitatedShinrin Yokuwith artists Fiona Hooton, Nicole Voevodin- Cash , Sally Clark, Jane Duong, Caroloine Huf and Tracey Benson:

Shinrin-Yoku – Forest Bathing is a Localjinni production held in the Cork Oak Forest. Produced for the Canberra Art Biennial 2022 in association with the National Arboretum. Supported by the Alastair Swayn Foundation.

Here is some photo documentation of the event.

Big shout out to Fiona, Cat, Kate and all the volunteers for your great work. It was a wonderful project to be a part of ❤

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PlantLab 22 Whangarei

For the past week, Tracey has been in Aotearoa NZ to particpate as an artist-in-residence in PlantLab 22 in Whangarei and to share a new project at Aotearoa Digital Arts (ADA) Symposium in Whakatu Nelson.

PlantLab is is a fab pop up innovation lab in the Stand Arcade in downtown Whangarei. The space has been reenergised by Maggie Buxton and the team and all kinds of intersting plant related things hare happening.

Treecreate and Tracey will be beaming in from Yarun over the next few weeks and we will share our updates as Tracey loops into the project from the Treecreate studio.

As part of the in-person part of the residency, Tracey was encouraged to venture to AHReed Park, a beautiful place with some remant Kauri forest. Here is some of her documentation.

More to come soon 🙂

Checking in at Holt Microforest

Jennifer, Marty and Tracey

Yesterday we dropped in on our previous community at Holt in the ACT to see how their Mircoforest project has evolved. Tyronne Bell an Ngunawal Elder shared with us some local knowledge and gave the Microforest its Ngunawal name. We had some involvement in the early days of the project so it was fantastic to see how much has happened since we moved and how one spark of an idea is now a beautiful place in the Holt Community ❤

It was really nice to see this post on the Holt Microforest Facebook Page with some very kind words from Jennifer Bardsley the Holt Microforest lead:

“It was really lovely to see Tracey and Martin yesterday at the Ngunawal Community Connection event. These two have been fantastic supporters from the very beginning, however they moved to QLD last year so hadn’t been able to visit the Micro-Forest until yesterday.

You may recognise Tracey from our crowd funding video taken in May last year. Tracey also wrote up our grant submission for the successful Nature in the City grant which enabled us to deliver the project. Martin designed our Holt Micro-Forest logo. Tracey’s Treecreate providing the insurance we needed for the Bunnings BBQ fundraisers. Tracey still helps behind the scenes with assistance managing the financial aspects of the project.

Thank you so much Tracey and Martin for all your help and support. It was wonderful to catch up – looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

Treecreate Studio is now open

Over the past few weeks the team has been busy getting set up in our new premises on Yarun (Bribie Island).

We have painted and set up the space so we can work, but we have plans for much more!

Some of the ideas which came through from our recent survey were:

  • to use it as a gallery for invited artists and groups
  • to host workshops
  • to present talks from guest speakers in-person and remote
  • to collaborate with other like-minded organisations
  • to provide an avenue to promote local creative activities

We love all of these ideas and will be working towards them in the next few months ❤
For now here is are some images of the progress to date.

Big thanks to Marty and his friend Tim for doing the painting and lighting – you are awesome!

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved ❤

Treecreate and Supercluster at ISEA Barcelona

It was fantastic to get The Meeting of the Waters : Locative Media Oceania at the recent 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) in Barcelona. The project was discussed at a panel conversation between our founder Tracey and Treecreate partner, Geert Vermeire with video editing from Fred Adam, from Supercluster.

It was great to share this wonderful project with the ISEA community and we look forward to evolving ideas with Supercluster around similar themes.

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