Meeting of the Waters: Locative Media Oceania

The past week has just flown by since we kicked off the program for Meeting of the Waters: Locative Media Oceania. There have been some really inspiring engaged conversations and our speakers have been stellar!

We started with a wonderful Welcome to Country by Ngunawal Elder Wally Bell and then followed on Sunday with a panel from First Nations speakers from 4 different Nations along the Murray Darling Basin. Speakers included Tati Tati traditional custodian Brendan Kennedy, Yorta Yorta researcher Lee Joachim, Wiradjuri woman Nola Turner-Jensen and Murrawarri water warrior and climate activist Bruce Shillingsworth.

  • On Monday, we had a presentation about how western science and Indigenous knowledge could find connection points from Ross Thompson and Bradley Moggridge.
  • Tuesday featured a presentation and conversation with Pasha Ian Clothier about Polynesian navigation.
  • Last night Desna Whaanga-Schollum talked about the work she does across the spaces of tikanga Māori, design, policy and environmental management.

Tonight we shifted gears and entered the space of dreams with a wonderful workshop with Kate Genevieve, Paola Bay with special guest Sandy Sur. This playful ceremony was a chance to listen to each other’s dreams across the Equinox in support of unfolding creativity and connection with the living waters. More at: Language of the Dream – Dream Session

Supporting the space of dream is always about holding space for the new; creating space for that which is just being born to grow. Dream-tending listens to what lives within and between people in community; honouring the living streams of spontaneous creativity inside each one of us.

Kate Genevieve

We will share another update soon about this wonderful program. To follow what is happening you can go to our social media accounts:

Web and social media

Thank you to all the speakers, to Supercluster, the participants and to the Centre for Water Science for all your support in making this program happen.

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