SEEDING| Participation in the Mill House Clinic

Over the past months Treecreate has been getting some great support from the Mill House Clinic program.

As part of the program we have worked with a group of marketing postgraduate students from University of Canberra to develop a marketing campaign for Treecreate.

About the Mill House Clinic:

Exclusively servicing social enterprises and Indigenous businesses, The Clinic delivers bespoke professional services in sales, marketing, business development, accounting and small business and not-for-profit law and management.

Our Associates are all enthusiastic and capable University of Canberra students. Mill House Clinic Associate positions are highly sought-after placements at UC. We provide all Associates with professional mentors with relevant industry experience and networks to ensure both high-quality deliverable and a world-class work-integrated learning experience.

We won’t give too much away at this stage but we will be amping up with a campaign in the new year to help to increase awareness of Treecreate and to build our community.

It is really important for us to start to build greater awareness of our work. We are very grateful for the support of the Mill House Clinic, the mentors and the talented cohort of students.

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