NEWS | Treecreate joins Mill House Clinic | Beyond Crisis

This week has been a big one for Treecreate.

On Tuesday night, Tracey joined an amazing panel of women as part of the Beyond Crisis Series, organised by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance, The Valley Centre, Future Dreaming, Pingala and the New Economy Network Australia.

Kirsten Larson from the Open Food Network moderated the discussion with Rebecca Scott from STREAT, Gemma Meier, Grong Grong Farmer & Climate campaigner and Tracey Cooper from The Valley Centre.

Beyond Crisis
Speakers – Gemma Meier, Rebecca Scott, Kirsten Larsen (Moderator), Tracey Benson and Tracey Cooper.

The group discussed a wide range of topics including the connectedness of systems, what drives our commitment to our work and the importance of connecting to community and relationships. Here is the info from the program:

This panel will discuss food security, employment, and local renewable energy during times of crisis. Considering the issues facing communities, culture, our health and wellbeing; we are intimately connected with the natural systems of our land. Crisis is challenging these issues to breaking point and there are many stories of great humanity, compassion and action. Our speakers will share inspiring stories of how communities have worked together to respond to food security in our cities during the first COVID19 lock downs and reflect on how strong relationships and community connections are critical to society thriving beyond crisis.

You can still register to view the recordings of the program.

We are also part of the Mill House Clinic program , which is a very exciting next step for our social enterprise journey. This week Tracey and Marty met with Lina from Mill House Ventures and a wonderful team of Associates – student interns from University of Canberra for our kick off meeting. The Clinic delivers bespoke professional services in sales, marketing, business development, accounting and small business and not-for-profit law and management. We are very excited to be working with the Mill House and their talented Associates and look forward to what evolves over the coming weeks.

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