Arboretum Collective | Locative Media Summer School

Over the past two weeks, our founder Tracey has been participating in the Locative Media Summer School hosted by King’s College London in collaboration with Supercluster. It was a very inspiring time where the participants worked in teams to create a locative media work using the open source CGeoMap tool. Her team, the Orange Team were an international group of amazing multi-talents including Anne Versailles (BE), Elspeth (Billie) Penfold (UK), Fay Stevens (UK), Hira Sheikh (AU) and Joan Kelly (AU). These diverse alignments seeded rich collaborative process, manifesting as Arboretum. It was such an enriching process that the group has agreed to continue working together as the Arboretum Collective.

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About Arboretum
The Arboretum Collective was established through a collaborative project with the Locative Media Summer School, hosted by King’s College in London in July 2020. The collective brings together artists, social scientists, writers, curators, archaeologists and technologists from Australia, Belgium and the United Kingdom. With a common thread focusing on deep listening, respecting land, time, memory, ancestors and First Nation knowledges, Arboretum produced a number of performance works as part of the summer school as well as developing a geolocated media project featuring soundscapes focusing on place and presence on CGeoMap at

Project text
We wish to acknowledge the sovereign peoples of the lands in which we meet and in doing so, honour all Elders, past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge all creatures, human and non-human who inhabit the lands and waters where we live.
Sovereignty never ceded – always was, always will be…

Arboretum is a forest – a forest of trees – imaginary or real – breathing leaves – whispering breath – join the forest – add your tree – as we weave our trees throughout the world – here in the wisdom of murmuring leaves as we receive the solidarity of the forest.

Arboretum sound track

Many thanks to the wonderful organisers, Geert Vermeire, Fred Adams, Mike Duggan and Cristina Kiminami for a putting together an incredible and valuable program, rich in content and interaction with a wonderful cohort from around the world.

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